Delivering for our local community

Probe: your local kickstart gateway


To you, an extra pair of hands in your business.
To a young person, an opportunity that could change their life.
If you can employ a young person aged 16-24 for 6 months, for 25 hours per week, Kickstart will pay wages, National Insurance, pension, and other identified costs.

• Help a young person improve their life
• Try out a potential new employee
• No long term commitment
• Enhance your CSR offer
• An extra pair of hands in your business for 6 months

Why choose to work with Probe?
• Probe has 23+ years experience of successfully managing government funded projects.
• We will manage all the associated administration to keep life simple for you.
• We are local, friendly, and small enough to respond quickly to any problems or queries
• Probe is a non-profit organisation committed to local employment and growth
• Experienced and qualified staff can provide additional support as required

For more information
07841 412041 | 01482 706078

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