Probe has pioneered the concept of free home security improvements for those residents who are vulnerable or those who have been victims of crime.

To date more than 18,000 properties in Hull have been secured under this initiative. It has proved so popular and successful that it has been recognised as ‘Best Practice’ and in an independent survey carried out by The Home Office demonstrated that the work carried out by Probe in the Stoneferry area of the city led to a 47% reduction in burglaries.

With the Home Security project proving to be such a success, to compliment this service ‘The Alley Gating Scheme’ was introduced. With the addition of this project it means that Probe is now able to secure properties which have an alleyway or ten-foot.


Probe’s dedicated teams of security installers offer a service which is second to none within the City of Hull.

Funding from the Local Area Committees and other sources means that Probe is able to offer this service free of charge to residents who meet priority criteria and who live within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Probe’s expert and friendly teams fit security measures such as door chains and door restrictors, door alarms, sneak in door alarms, spy holes, window locks, window alarms, etc as well as providing measures to secure garden sheds and garages.


To compliment Probe’s home security service and to offer a little extra added security to properties which have alleyways or ten-foots, Probe set up an experienced team to install various types of security gates around the City.

Alley gates are extremely effective in deterring anti-social behaviour as well as making the rear of properties more secure. Probe produces gates to match individual requirements and sizes. All gates are fabricated to meet exacting standards in strength and durability. For added security, all gates are made without crossbars to prevent footholds. Additional side panels and wings can be manufactured if required.

Although this is not a free service funding of up to 50% can be obtained (in some cases) to help residents in the gating schemes secure their properties.


To help, support and combat the rising domestic violence rates within Hull and the East Riding, Probe has designed a unique package to give added security to victims.

The package that has been developed has been widely used by Women’s Centres, Humberside Police and the Hull Domestic Abuse Partnership. This package has been a successful addition to the Home Security project.

Probe’s teams, who have been trained to deal with instances of domestic violence, will fit specialist devices designed to prevent break-in and access by the perpetrators. This includes added security to doors and in some instances creating a safe room within the property for the victim should further incidents occur.