Green Prosperity

green prosperity


An £800,000 partnership bid to the Communities Living Sustainably strand of the Big Lottery. This project was one of only 12 successfully funded projects nationally and is a partnership proposal developed by Probe, Environmental & Management Solutions Ltd and Preston Road NDC Ltd. The lead partner and responsible body for the project is EMS Ltd and there are a number of additional delivery partners.

What does it do?

The Green Prosperity project has the aim of using sustainable living to improve the quality of life of local residents and to build a more prosperous and coherent community whilst reducing carbon footprints. The main elements of the project are around energy & waste reduction, green enterprise development, food, a green homecare initiative, and the development of an eco house.

Probe (Hull) Ltd will take the lead in the delivery of the following strands:-

Food – Promote home growing and give practical support to residents. Develop a food cooperative and food sharing schemes. Provide practical training and new skills for local people. This strand will work with the East Hull Community Farm, a unique resource within the targeted area, to create a focal point for these activities.

Green Enterprise – Grass roots support for local people to create new enterprises. Activity will include awareness raising, training, business planning, financial sourcing and ongoing mentoring to the new enterprise.

Eco House – A demonstration house developed and fitted by local people as a training/learning opportunity for local residents. The eco house will be used to demonstrate best practice and will encourage take up of energy saving measures/renewable technologies by the local and wider community.

Probe will support the delivery of the other strands of Green Prosperity where appropriate. Probe’s involvement in Green Prosperity links well with, and will support the work being undertaken by Food 360 and the Empty Homes projects.